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Our vegetable colors and decorating products are made from natural fruits and vegetables. They are manufactured in the United States. The ingredients are non-GMO and have NO artificial dyes or ingredients. Because they are from nature, some may react to acids and temperature.

  • POWDER COLOR (1/2 oz, 1 oz, or set of 8 colors / .15 oz ea)
    Versatile, easy to use powders made from fruit and vegetables. Keep in your pantry for a year or even many years and use as much as you want when you want. Dissolve in a very little water or egg white then easily combine with products. Use just like watercolors to paint details on top of firm icing, fondant or modeling chocolate.
  • GEL COLOR (1 oz individual or set of 8 colors / .3 oz ea)
    Intense vegetable color with less water, in a glycerin base for those used to working with paste or gel colors. Refrigerate (3 mo) or freeze (1 year).
  • LIQUID COLOR (water dispersible - 1/2 oz or 2 oz)
    Vegetable colors easy to use in icings & most products except chocolate. Refrigerate up to six months.
  • OIL DISPERSIBLE or CHOCOLATE COLOR (1/4 oz,1/2 oz,1 oz or set of 4 colors/.15 oz ea)
    Very fine “clean” vegetable powders with little to no flavor. Primarily used in chocolate, these do not mix into water.
  • TITANIUM DIOXIDE (whitener) (1/4, 1/2 or 1 oz)
    Whitener made from minerals.  Add water or oil and use in any product, or as a white paint.
  • PAINT (surface color)
    Create strong, bold colors by painting the surface of firm icing, modeling chocolate, and cookies with brilliant vegetable colors from nature. Powdered colorant combined with organic powdered egg white.
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